Win $50K in Champion Windows

Win $50K in Champion Windows

You can enter the $50,000 Home Exterior Makeover from Champion Window for your chance to win $50,000 in Champion Windows and Home Exterior products including windows, siding, doors, labor, installation, and more. Entry ends January 31, 2020.

  1. Great needed prize. Thank you.

  2. We could use some new windows, I am 77 and my husband is 81.

  3. My sister is refurbishing her home’ it’s only a 200 yr old Sierra mining house I would love to gift her with this window make over! Please include me in.

  4. The teachers jumped out of the champion windows.
    The principal ran for the door.
    The nurse and librarian bolted.
    They’re not coming back anymore.

    The counselor, hollering madly,
    escaped out the door of the gym.
    The coach and custodian shouted
    and ran out the door after him.

    The lunch ladies threw up their ladles,
    then fled from the kitchen in haste,
    while all of the students looked puzzled
    as staff members scurried and raced.

    We’d never seen anything like it.
    But, still, it was pretty darned cool
    to see all the staff so excited
    to leave on the last day of school.

    Thanks Champion windows, for the opportunity on winning

  5. would love new windows

  6. Oh boy, do I ever need new Champion windows!

  7. We are in our late 70″s and can’t afford new anything on our mobile home. need windows entry doors, and a sun room would be so great to.

  8. nice to win $50k in champion windows makeover

  9. With that amount I could buy my own dream house

  10. wow I’m 71 and my hubby is 80 we have lived in our home for 49 this coming Oct and yes We need stuff done and can’t afford it would be GREAT to WIN !!!! THANKS FOR THE CHANCE

  11. Would love to have a home addition

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