Win a ’67 Chevy Nova from Goodguys

Win a '67 Chevy Nova from Goodguys

You can enter the Chevy Nova Giveaway from Goodguys for your chance to win a 1967 Chevy II Nova built by Designer Street Rods of Cleveland, GA and valued at $40,000. ’60s muscle cars are all the rage right now and this is your chance to own part of history. Entry ends June 2, 2020.

  1. I am very well known for my collection, especially when it comes to the collectable items. The 1967 Chevy II Nova will make salivate and provide me the urgency to collect this precious item. May dreams come true.

  2. Now this is my dream car. Most beautiful car made for my era. Like wine they get better. Sweet ride for this mama.

  3. How cool would this be?! I was so disappointed when my sorta step-parents turned me down for a loan on a ‘69 SS. Metallic blue with silver/white stripes from end to end and beautiful deep dish allow rims. It was being sold for DIRT CHEAP because the kid had been flunking out- I was both on the brink of tears and so Mad that I felt like giving up on school and my crummy box boy job lol. I didn’t get a car for another 3 years and it was No Nova!! Now my pickup was towed for being in a parking spot of a business (that wasn’t open!!) – while I ran to the parts store to get it limping again. Taken while full of tools and me with no money to even bail it out. They made cars tough enough to pull a small trailer, in the 60’s haha!! I really wish I could be vindictive and get away with it- because I’m getting Old waiting for “kharma”. If that even exists for real… bless you all and Good Luck! Stay Safe!!

  4. i m so hapyy win this car this car is vary biutiful an may family financial prolam solve so my good givtet thank you abrybady

  5. Boy would I love to win this Chevy Nova for my Brother! He would literally DROOL 🤤 all over that thing!
    Thank you for a chance to win this sweet little thing. We were both born in the early, early 60s.😯

  6. Bruh

  7. I would love to win this car, I love this kind of Car

    • This is the era that I grew up in, and have always loved my bow ties. This would be a great thing to owen.

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