Win a New Home from Wheel of Fortune

Win a New Home from Wheel of Fortune

You can enter the Home Sweet Home Giveaway from Wheel of Fortune for your chance to win a brand-new home! They are giving away a Latitude Margaritaville 55-or-better community home by Minto in your choice of Hilton Head, SC or Daytona Beach, FL. The prize is valued at $350,000! In order to enter, you’ll need the Bonus Round Puzzle Solution from that days Wheel of Fortune show. Entry ends November 02, 2019.

  1. Would love to win a retirement home as I am retired! Please Wheel if Fortune!


    A house is a place of thing to do,
    Bedrooms, libraries, and a kitchen, too
    But a home is much more than mortar and brick,
    More than just where the walls are thick
    A home is where love is.

  3. A POEM

    The cups are here, or there…they’re somewhere around
    Oh here sit down,
    just let me find a chair…
    The forks really might have run away with the spoons…we can’t seem to find them
    And the broom…well I’m not sure if we brought it
    I know it seems crazy now but
    In all the commotion and mountains of boxes
    Be sure to always remember,
    home is where the heart is…even if you can’t quite remember in which box you packed it.

  4. It will be nice to win the $ 4.000 shopping Spree or something…I never won
    anything!!!!s, whatever will make me happy…I need everything I’m retired with
    a very little income!!!

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