Win a Pit Barrel Cooker & BBQ Package

Win a Pit Barrel Cooker & BBQ Package

You can enter the National BBQ Month Giveaway from ThermoWorks for your chance to win a BBQ prize package that includes a 14” Pit Barrel Junior Cooker, ThermoWorks BBQ Kickoff Bundle with ThermoWorks Smoke X4 Long-Range Wireless BBQ Alarm Thermometer, a Shun Classic 4 piece BBQ Set, Crowd Cow Japanese A5 Wagyu Trimmed Brisket, and much more. You can even earn extra entries on social media. Entry ends May 20, 2020.

  1. I love the smell of the BBQ steak better yet I love to win it.

  2. Another poem

    Some say its spices in the rub,
    some say its smoke.
    But barbecue’s the kind of grub
    some people crave, while others snub
    their nose. Rich spices will evoke
    some subtle hints, but flavors bold
    are found in charred mesquite or oak;
    ‘Cause truth be told
    It IS the smoke!

  3. Ilove cooking

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