Win a TRACKER ProTeam Tournament Edition Bass Boat

Win a TRACKER ProTeam Tournament Edition Bass Boat

You can enter the Hunt For Monster Bass Sweepstakes from Bass Pro Shops for your chance to win a TRACKER ProTeam 175 TXW Tournament Edition boat with a Mercury 60 ELPT, valued at $19,395! Winner must take delivery of the boat at the Tracker Marine dealership nearest winner’s residence. Get ready for a summer of fun with a new TRACKER bass boat. Entry ends June 30, 2019.

Anglers of the world, rejoice! This is your chance to win an awesome new bass boat to get you out on the water and on top of the legendary “big one”. And even if you’re not devoted to the cult of soft plastic worms, hard plastic minnows, and baitcasting reels, this beauty could still provide a great way to get out into the great outdoors this Spring and Summer.

I remember fondly the day my Dad bought his first fishing boat. In those days, boats were all primarily made of aluminum and even a 15HP outboard engine was enough power to put you where you needed to be to find the fish.

Taking a boat out is more than just a great way to get out into nature, it’s also a teachable moment for young folk. I still remember my etiquette lessons of proper marine navigation, like passing on the right, how to operate a craft that doesn’t have breaks, and how a proper captain drives with civility to avoid making a passenger sick, or worse yet, wet from being tossed overboard.

I also learned how to properly cast from a sitting position and more importantly, how to take into account the other people on board while casting. I was told a family story about how when my father was a boy, his eager spirit caused him to cast out without looking behind him. When he noticed the lure didn’t hit the water, he turned around to find that he had hooked my grandpa in the face in the midst of his cast. As the story goes ole’ gramps didn’t speak a word. He just packed up the gear and headed silently back into the docks. To this day, whether I’m on a boat or the shore, I always take into account what’s behind me before I cast.

While I suppose it’s debatable how the fish feel about it, fishing itself is such a great activity for all the humans involved. It gets you outdoors and if you’re lucky, into direct contact with nature. You have to learn patience and humility for when the fish just aren’t biting. You have to learn how to tie knots, choose the right lure, and figure out how to wiggle that lure just right.

Now that I think about it, it’s a pretty complicated endeavor, but that’s probably what makes it such a glorious moment when it all comes together with a fish on the end of the line.

You may not be Bill Dance or Bob Izumi but you’re sure to love this bass boat giveaway from Bass Pro Shops. I’m wishing all my subscribers the best of luck to win this sweepstakes.

Tell me in the comments section below about the first time you went fishing on a boat.

  1. I love throwing them back to survive another day as a free fish!

  2. I would love be apart of the Tracker Pro Team
    Living and fishing on the Tennessee River a dream come true!

  3. awesome boat to win

  4. let’s go fishing to a win

  5. I just recently started fishing on a boat…. a John Boat that I bought from my grandfather running a 90’s model 24 pound thurst motor guide trolling motor off the back I have always enjoyed fishing and would love to be able to win this bass boat and take that next step forward in becoming a more productive fisherman

  6. the first boat we had was awful,my father worked on it for days so when we got a chance to go it would be ready.
    so we arrive.You (guess) it won’t run.
    take it back home an it fired right up.
    me as a kid just didn’t understand
    Will need less to say after the second trip he sold it

  7. I remember when I went fishing on a boat. It was on my dad’s Triton tr-19, we went fishing in North Carolina. My dad hooked me up to throw pink trick worms, I put every worm in the trees.

  8. Liked Shared and Entered !! Thanks for these great opportunities to win.

  9. so nice to win

  10. I would like to Win a TRACKER ProTeam Tournament Edition Bass Boat.

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