Win Up To $15,000 from Nutella

Win Up To $15,000 from Nutella

You can enter the Who Makes Your Morning Happy Contest from Nutella for your chance to win a big cash prize.

You enter by telling them who makes your mornings happy. Then you have a chance to win $15,000 for that person and $3,000 for yourself. Second-prize is $10K for them and $2K for you, Third-prize is $5K for them and $1K for you.

You’ll also have a chance to win a year of Nutella just for entering. Entry ends June 30, 2019.

  1. I always tell my husband what time I need to wake in the morning. He is always very gentle to wake me with a kiss. Just one way my husband makes me happy every morning.

  2. Sharing my life with my husband Armand makes me happy and excited to begin another day.
    Would love to win this contest and truly hope to win!

  3. nice to win 15000 cash from nutella

  4. What makes me happy in the morning, is the beginning of another beautiful day.

  5. Love Nutella would love to win

  6. would love to win this so I can afford to fix some things around my house

  7. My granddaughter makes me happy. She makes me smile and tells me she loves me. She always gives me a hug. Her name is Ashley Allen.

  8. nice to wi this 15000 cash from nutella

  9. I would love to Win Up To $15,000 from Nutella.

  10. My friend and sister, Diane makes me happy with a bright and sunny phone call each morning.

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