Win $10K or Instant Prizes from Castle Brands

Win $10K or Instant Prizes from Castle Brands

You can enter the Irish To The Core Sweepstakes from Castle Brands for your chance to win the grand prize of $10,000 check or an instant prize of a Visa Gift Card valued between $10 and $100. There are 330 total instant prizes to be rewarded. Entry ends March 31, 2019.

While Granny gave up alcohol years ago, like many of you, I wouldn’t mind winning a grip of cash from a liquor company. This is a great opportunity for one of Granny’s subscribers or fans to get a leg up on their finances. There are recent reports that as many as 80% of American families couldn’t afford a $1,000 emergency, and that’s a troubling figure. This prize could be used to pay off debts, help you improve your home, or store it away in the case of emergencies. If you win, while I support you doing something nice for yourself, your friends and family, I also implore you to make sure you put at least $1,000 in a safe place so you have a way to handle an emergency, forbid it to happen.

Now that I have that gloomy warning out of the way, let’s think about all the wonderful things you could do with an extra $10,000. That’s enough to purchase one of the popular UTVs, buy a top of the line computer, or even a curved 4K ultra high definition TV. You could outfit your home with a slew of the latest smart home gadgetry, including smart lights, smart locks, smart blinds, smart speakers and tv controllers, a smart refrigerator and microwave, all controlled with your voice. You could be living like Iron Man with your own personal Jarvis! Or maybe you’d be more content to remodel your kitchen or bathroom with the latest marble counter tops and custom cabinets, or maybe a walk in shower with a rainfall type oversized shower head. Just imagine the luxury!

Then again, you might be the giving type. You might be prone to use the money for your friends or family. You could for instance, put a down payment on your grandchilds college education, or help pay off your childrens student loans. You could help a friend with a medical need, or maybe to make a much needed repair on their home. While ten grand isn’t enough to change the world, it could make a significant difference in the life of someone you know.

Granny sends out all the luck she can in hopes that one of my loyal fans or subscribers will win this inviting sweepstakes.

  1. awesome win

  2. nice to win

  3. I would love to win this as I am Irish!

  4. I would like to win $10K or Instant Prizes from Castle Brands.

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