Win a 2017 Camaro SS
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Win a 2017 Camaro SS

You can enter the BSRO/TPC Customs Sweepstakes from Pennzoil Quaker State for your chance to win a customized 2017 Camro SS by Tommy Pike customs valued over $60,000. You’ll also have a chance to be 1 of 23 winners of a $100 Shell Gift Card. Entry ends August 09, 2017.

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  1. Our current 14 year old car needss a younger companion. This one has lots of aches and pains

  2. That is one “HOT” looking ride! Sure would be nice to win it. But I couldn’t win if I was the only one entering.

  3. I would love tto own a new Camaro. I have an 11 year old van that I love but am at a time in my life when a car would be better for me. BUT, if you can, I send all my luck, wishes, & good will to the person above, Kathryn. Her family is in great need.

  4. I am disabled now and my car is getting old and paint peeling off. I will not be able to work anymore and I need a new car. I support my self and need a car to be able to go to doctor appointments and get food for myself.

  5. My mother who is now 57 years old has just had a knee replacement and has had back surgery…she has no a.c. in the vehicle and the car won’t even go in reverse. My mother cannot physically push that car if it were to get stuck and has no air conditioner in this Houston heat…please help me as my mother has done so much for me and she deserves this so much!! Thank you for allowing me to submit this because I’m willing to do anything I can for my mother..the last vehicle she had, a guy hit hit me head on and I flew out 32 feet with life flight landing…my mother deserves this both physically and financially and I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share my story and I truly hope y’all can help her!! Thank you in advance!!!

  6. My son is graduating from high school this June, lost his father in November 47yrs old. This would be the Best. He’s looking for a camaro..thanj you, His Mom

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