Win $2,500 + Year of Pork Rinds

Win $2,500 + Year of Pork Rinds

You can enter the Great Comeback Contest from The Rudolph Foods Company for your chance to win $2,500 and a year of pork rinds, awarded as 12 cases of Rudolph Family brand snacks. You’ll also have a chance to be one (1) of four (4) runner-ups to win $500 and a year of pork rinds. To enter, you’ll watch Hall of Famer Jack Youngblood talk about overcoming challenges, and answer trivia questions about the presentation. Entry ends January 29, 2020.

  1. Would like to win this, love pork rinds

  2. I love pork rinds hopeI I win

  3. Ode To (Pork Rinds)

    Pork Rind, Oh Pork Rind
    As I reach in your bag
    I am truly amazed
    At the flavor you have

    I know where you come from
    Just don’t know where you’ve been
    After all the truth is
    You are a pigs skin

    You often come with a bonus
    I am seldom at loss
    The piece with the hair
    Which in the end I can floss

    Thank you Rudolph Foods, I will truly be in a crunchy bliss, to possibly win this salty taste treat, and the cash will add a little sweetness, to the dish

  4. I love pork rinds, Yum. The money would be nice too. Thanks.

  5. My craving taste buds are in need of your fabulous prize.

  6. What a fabulous treat to win!

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