Win $10,000 in Windows & Doors from Anderson

Win $10,000 in Windows & Doors from Anderson

You can enter the Renew Your Home Sweepstakes from Andersen Company for your chance to win a $10,000 gift certificate for Anderson that you can use for new windows and doors and installation. There will be four total promotional periods and one winner each period. You’ll also have a chance to be a weekly winner of a re-loadable $25 Starbucks gift card. The second promotional period entry ends July 16, 2019.

Wow is this a great giveaway. Who couldn’t use brand new windows and doors? I suppose if your house was built in the last 20 years you might be covered, but if you are like me and your house is almost 100 years old, you are probably jumping at the chance to win this hot sweepstakes from Renewal by Anderson.

My windows aren’t the originals from 1925 but my guess is they were installed in the early 1980’s. They are the crank style, with 3 large panes. Not quite the jalousie style of crank with multiple little slats, but effectively the same thing. Not only are the majority of the cranks broken rendering them permanently closed, but I use the word “closed” lightly because none of them really close tightly anymore. It’s the opposite of energy efficient.

In addition to that they have the type of screens that attach outside the window, they aren’t built into the frame. Not that it really matters since I wouldn’t dare attempt to crank most of them open for fear they would never shut. Another thing besides energy consumption that isn’t often discussed about older windows is the sound. I feel like I can hear a pin drop from 3 streets over, much less the neighbors dogs sound like they are barking right in my living room even though they are more like 50 yards away. These older windows just don’t do much to keep out the sounds much less the weather.

My impression of Anderson is that they make some really high-quality products that anyone would be happy to have on their house. And windows can be a really big expense. It’s not so much the cost of one window, but then you do the math across all the windows.

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