Win a $500 AMEX, Google Home Max, Yeti Cooler & More

Win a $500 AMEX, Google Home Max, Yeti Cooler & More

You can play the Pinata Instant Win Game from Mission Foods for your chance to win 1 of the 5,723 instant prizes! The prizes include $500 AMEX gift cards, Google Home Max, Bose Headphones, Yeti Coolers, Slow Cooker Crock Pots, $15 Amazon, iTunes, and Uber gift cards and so many more. You enter by playing the game to try to break the Pinata. Entry ends May 5, 2019.

Now in retrospect I have no idea why I managed to attend so many parties for my kids that had Pinatas. Maybe it was just a fad in the 80’s? Perhaps it’s a Southwest Florida thing? Never the less I do recall more than a few celebrations that included a papier-mache punching bag, so to speak, and frankly, they were so much fun! The kid’s really got a kick out of it too.

Maybe it’s because it’s the one time your allowed to swing wildly and destroy something, releasing your primal rage onto the unsuspecting paper animal, and hopefully not on one of the other attendees on accident. Maybe it’s the thrill of the unknown treats that lay nestled inside. And then too, maybe it’s getting to watch the ensuing confusion and chaos for the blindfolded bat swinger.

I even remember having to make a pinata at one point as a school project with the kids. We used chicken-wire to frame it up and then gave it the obligatory papier-mache covering, before gluing colorful tissue paper on it to finish it off. The whole affair was fun for the whole family, even if I was a little aghast to realize what had taken hours to make would be smashed to bits in a matter of minutes.

But enough with the nostalgia, this sweepstakes from Mission Foods looks like a great one. The main prize, the $500 AMEX gift card, would be a sweet come-up for it’s winner. That’s enough to buy a new TV, maybe a Chromebook, a gaming console, or about a week’s worth of groceries. Yes, that’s being a bit facetious about the groceries but for goodness sakes the prices just seem to go up and up. But even if you don’t win the AMEX you still have a chance to walk away with one of many awesome gadgets and electronics. I’d love to give a Google Home a try, have a new pair of headphones, or better yet in my case, score one of those sweet Yeti Coolers. And even that isn’t it, you also have a chance to win a gift card for Amazon, iTunes or Uber – sweet!

I want to wish the best of luck to all my fans and subscribers that they may be one of the many lucky winners in this cool instant-win game from Mission Foods.

Let me know in the comments below if you remember ever making, breaking, or cleaning up a Pinata. I will say if you’ve never seen the blind fury of a five year old swinging wildly for some conspicuously stored treats, you are missing out!


  2. I want to Win a $500 AMEX, Google Home Max, Yeti Cooler & More.

  3. Bull. I hit it twice and knocked it off and it said I lost. It wasn’t even on the rope any more.

  4. nice to win

  5. OMG nothing scarier(funnier) than seeing a little kid go full force at a pinata. Then after missing letting the stick fly out their hands and everybody has to run for cover. And feeling so bad for the one person that didn’t move, getting smacked in the face with an 800 mile an hour rocket stick.

    • Hilarious! You know exactly what I’m talking about.

  6. awesome to win the gift card

  7. I would like to win Win a $500 AMEX, Google Home Max, Yeti Cooler & More.

  8. HOT

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