Win a Backyard Makeover from Dunkin’ Donuts

Win a Backyard Makeover from Dunkin' Donuts

You can enter the Dunkin’ Savings Time Sweepstakes and Instant-Win Game from Dunkin’ Donuts for your chance to win the grand prize of a $5,000 home improvement gift card to use towards creating your own backyard Oasis. You’ll also have a chance to be 1 of 100 instant winners “Dunkin’ at Home” Prize Packages that includes coffee and a tumbler, 1 of 100 instant winners of a coffee brewer, 1 of 500 instant winners of a Dunkin’ tumbler, or 1 of 5,000 winners of $25 Dunkin’ eGift Card. Entry ends April 05, 2019.

Oh boy am I excited about this offering from Dunkin’ Donuts. The prospect of winning a $5,000 home improvement gift card to upgrade my yard hits really close to home. You may not know that Granny has three dogs, but no fence on my yard! It sure keeps me busy taking these furry little buggers out to relieve themselves and on walks to give them a way to release their endless fountain of energy. I don’t let them out by themselves because they have run off and bothered my neighbors and their own dogs. Not to mention giving me a panic attack worrying about them. I like to be responsible, so despite how tiring it is, I take them out on leashes every time they need to use the potty. If I won this sweepstakes from Dunkin’, I could afford to build a fence around my yard and it would improve the quality of my life drastically, and I’ll bet there are many of you that are in the same boat.

In addition to fencing the yard, I would love to setup a little “watering hole” of sorts. I know you can’t buy a pool for $5,000, but it might go a long way towards purchasing a hot tub. Another idea, I assume some of you may have seen this trend, is to use an animal stock tank to make a pool or DIY hot tub. It sounds crazy, but they are actually pretty trendy, and although your first reaction might be like my own, thinking such a thing would be tacky or trashy, the reality is that they can be dressed up to look quite quaint or sophisticated. They look especially fitting if you have a ‘country’ or a shabby chic type of decorum.

Another thing I’ve always dreamed about doing, and I’ll bet many of you are in the same boat, is creating a garden to grow some of my own food. You don’t have to be prepping for the apocalypse or trying to create a commune to put a small vegetable garden in your yard. I have a bit of experience at growing decorative plants and at one point I grew a few tomato plants. While it can be a bit daunting, and not everyone is born with a green thumb, it’s one of those things that if you stick with it and put in the effort, more likely than not you’ll come out with some tasty treats. It’s not just delicious but also very rewarding for the soul to partake in the literal fruits of your own labor.

And yet another thing I’ve wanted to do for years is re-seed my yard with grass. I have a joke that I’m have to go out every so often and “whack down the the weeds”. My yard isn’t a complete disaster, but it isn’t exactly going to win any neighborhood awards either.

Here I am rambling on about what I would do with the $5,000, but I’ll bet many of you have a dream to remake or improve your own yards. I’d love to hear how you would spend that $5,000. Leave a comment below and tell us what you would do with the prize if you win it. And as always, Granny sends out her best wishes that one of my subscribers will be the winner. Good luck!

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  1. I would like to Win a Backyard Makeover from Dunkin’ Doughnuts.

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