Win up to $10,000 for Scholarship from Balfour

Win up to $10,000 for Scholarship from Balfour

You can enter the College Scholarship Sweepstakes from Balfour for your chance to win the grand prize of a $10,000 scholarship or one of three first prizes of a $1,000 scholarship. You’ll also have a chance to win a Balfour branded backpack each week for nineteen weeks. You’ll need to scroll to the bottom of the page to find the sweepstakes. Entry ends May 25, 2019.

I’ve noticed that not as many of my subscribers are interested in scholarship sweepstakes, and that presents me with quite a quandary. Although Granny is well past the age of education, all I ever seem to hear about is young people struggling to pay off their debts from higher education. I’ll bet we all know someone who is still paying off their student loans.

Even if you’re a senior like me, you could still sign your child or even your grandchild up to win a sweepstakes like this. They say having a college degree can potentially increase the total money you’ll make in your lifetime, increase your chances of employment, and more and more often it seems like if you don’t have an education, you’ll struggle to keep up with finances. Your’s truly bucked the traditional route of getting a higher education, and I’ll be the first to tell you, it’s a tough route to take!

I have been seeing more and more reports about automation and AI in the workplace. What really surprised me was to hear that there are just as many professional white collar jobs, not just factory workers, that will potentially be replaced by some kind of artificial intelligence. I saw one report that suggested the least likely jobs to be replaced will be highly skilled labor jobs! Did you know that even bankers, loan officers, accountants, and lawyers could one day be replaced with AI? Despite that, I wouldn’t encourage people not to have a college education. I would just take it into account when I was choosing what field to get a degree in.

The other thing to consider is, even if you already have a degree, if your job is predicted to ultimately be replaced by AI then you could use a prize like this college scholarship to get yourself another degree in another field. Let’s face it, in this highly evolving technological world we are living in, we will all have to learn how to adapt and evolve to keep in step with the times. It’s a lot for a senior like me to keep on top of, but I do my best to stay informed, not only for myself, but for my children and my grandchildren and for all the generations that will come after me.

Here’s hoping that one of my subscribers or fans turns out to be the winner. Let me know in the comments section below who for and how you might use this prize.

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