Win a Metal Detector Bundle

Win a Metal Detector Bundle

You can enter the 2020 Metal Detector Giveaway from Destination Gold Detectors for your chance to win a metal detector bundle. The bundle includes a Garrett ACE 200 Metal Detector, Garrett Detecting Gloves, Sand Scoop, Digger, and Goldi Rocks Bag. You can even earn extra entries by taking action on social media, watching YouTube videos, and more. Entry ends April 21, 2020.

  1. I am sorry I don’t have a website as of yet.

  2. I have always wanted a metal detector! this is would be great!

  3. Several ways to enter do not work. Shows as page not available or removed

  4. This is a AWESOME Prize. I would LOVE to win this. I would use this metal detector at the beach in Ocean City, New Jersey all the time. I would also use in my neighborhood. I’ve Always been fascinated with digging things up to learn about our history. I live in a part of the country that at one time was inhabited by many American Indian Tribes. I would LOVE to learn more, and will donate all my findings to my township to teach children and others.

  5. Heard great things about this detector
    easy to use for beginner hoping to get Daughters help in the future.

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