Win an ABS Intel PC from Newegg

Win an ABS Intel PC from Newegg

You can enter the Marbles On Stream Intel PC Giveaway from Newegg for your chance to win a custom ABS Intel Gaming PC featuring an i9-9900K processor and a RTX 2080 Ti graphics card. This powerful machine is more than enough power for gaming, streaming, video editing, photo editing, and anything you can throw at it. Entry ends September 27, 2020.

  1. i could use it yo day

  2. dude this pc is really good the specs are perfect im about to upgrade my computer so yeah baiscally anyway such a good high end pc hope l win.

  3. Would really love to win this for my hubby. Every time he goes to upgrade his computer (bought in 2015) something
    comes up and he has to spend the money on something else.

  4. I said before and I say it now; I love technology and I love to win it.

  5. Awesome! I’ve always wanted a high end PC!

  6. I really need this so I hope I win!

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