Win a $4,500 Summer Getaway from Lands’ End

Win a $4,500 Summer Getaway from Lands’ End

You can enter the Getaway Giveaway from Lands’ End for your chance to win $4,500 to create your own perfect summer getaway or anything else you want to spend it on. You’ll also have a chance to be one of four runner-ups who win a $100 Lands’ Ends e-Gift Card. Entry ends June 20, 2019.

  1. Please let me be the $4500 winner I am in desperate need of money right now I don’t have any transportation, don’t have enough money to make it last to month to month and my parents help me out and I don’t have the money to pay them back for them helping me let alone doing anything nice for them this would be perfect for me believe me when I say that you don’t know how I struggle from month to month with only limited amount of money and I hope that you please pick me for the winner it will help me out you don’t know how much it will help me out

  2. Thanks in advance

  3. Thank you so much! It’ll be so much fun to win this prize.

  4. This would be a dream come true!
    Many thanks!

  5. Would love to get away I would pay it forward

  6. I would be honored and my family would be thrilled

  7. nice to win 4500 cash from gateway

  8. Would love to win thanks in advance

  9. I would love to win these

  10. I want to win a $4,500 Summer Getaway from Lands’ End.

  11. nice to win 4500 cash summer getaway

  12. Awesome!Bring it on.

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