Win a Year of Science Diet Pet Food

Win a Year of Science Diet Pet Food

You can enter the Every Great Day Sweepstakes from Hill’s Science Diet for your chance to win a year supply of Science Diet food for your pet and $500 donated to a participating animal shelter. You’ll also have a chance to win 1 of 54 runner-up prizes of a bag of Science Diet pet food valued up to $15.99. Entry ends January 08, 2020.

  1. thank you

  2. ♡♡ Thank You ♡♡

    Hill’s Science Diet is a remarkable, reputable and balanced pet food. A year’s supply and $500 donation to a Animal Shelter is awesome.

    Most generous sweepstakes! Hope I win ;=)

  3. Would donate to a local rescue.

  4. I do rescue for alot of abandoned animals some with speacial needs and your science diet has truly help alot of them to recover.for that I am ever so grateful.

  5. Will love to win this for the strays i feed.

  6. It would be so helpful at this time due to being 71yrs of age with to many Dr. bills. I have batteries to my brain and spine. My 2 male Vizslas meals tend to come first before mine as they are my companions and help me go on in this world. I want to keep feeding them your very good food but I need to take better care of myself.

  7. I have a border collie he is on science diet he loves the food

  8. I don’t have a website

  9. Hills Science Diet is the only food that does not make my dogs skin itch. I NEED this!

  10. Would love a years supply of Science Diet cat food to help take care of my 10 ferals and 5 indoor cats.

  11. Are you kidding me, this company and their food killed my dog. Within 6 months of the vet putting him on Hill’s he was dead. There is a nation-wide class action lawsuit before the court. Thousands of dogs have as a result of vitamin D overdose. Why would anyone trust this company ever again? I hope when the courts approve the class action can go forward, Hill’s has to close their doors and their executives go to jail.

    • Thomas,
      That’s horrendous! How heartbreaking and maddening! So sorry you (and others) lost their beloved dogs due to their “mistake”. 🙁

  12. I had a stroke my babies are the only reason I never gave up! But now I have hard time feeding them cause I can no longer work!

  13. My lovable pets would love to win a year supply of food. Thank you

  14. Am a senior citizen with 2 living dogs. Winning would help out more than I can say. Keeping fingers crossed

  15. Am a senior citizen on a fixed income with 2 loving dogs I adore. Winning would help me out more than words could state. Keeping figures crossed

  16. Hill’s is the only dog food my dog eats she has tummy problems and can’t eat anything but chicken so Hill’s is the only one for her Thank-You so much

  17. My veterinarian just recommended Hill Science Diet, my dog has food allergies and I just don’t know what else to do until I took him to the vet. So this would be a great help if I could get a Year’s worth of Hill Science Diet. Thank you

  18. I WANT TO Win a Year of Science Diet Pet Food.

  19. my 4 legged babys would luv this.

  20. would come in handy for rescue pets i take in.

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